Weird News – Scientists Grow New Hair on Balding Men

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Weird News – Scientists Grow New Hair on Balding Men  Tarboro Times

“Scientists have successfully grown new hair follicles from the skin cells of balding men. While the research team (abstract) hasn’t yet shown whether the structures, which produce strands of hair on our bodies, are fully functional and usable for transplants onto a scalp, experts say the discovery is a significant step toward finding new treatments for hair loss. Previous attempts used standard two-dimensional cell culturing techniques, but the new works grows the follicles in suspended droplets, better replicating the 3-D environment of the body. Using one’s own cells to generate new follicles is useful because hair color and thickness will match perfectly with the rest of someone’s head of hairs. And with the new technique, clinicians would be able to take just a few dermal papilla cells from a balding patient and expand the number of hair follicles available for transplant, rather than only be able to move follicles around.”

… figures no cure for cancer—but when it comes to penis pills and hair, we’re number one.

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