Weird News – Real Life Nigerian Scam Played Out in Mall Parking Lot Fleecing Elderly Woman Out of $11,000

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Story from NBC Philly

A great-grandmother has a warning for you — don’t let yourself become a victim.

Police are on the hunt for an alleged thief who police say scammed an elderly woman out of more than $11,000.

The 79-year-old great-grandmother of six says she was approached by a woman holding a bag of cash on March 5 as she was leaving the Walmart in Warminster, Bucks County, Pa.

“She said her name was Gayle and she had on dark leather gloves,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified but wanted to share her story to make sure others don’t become victims.

According to the victim, “Gayle” told her that if she gave her money, she would get triple the amount in return.

“She said that if I got more money and gave it to “Mr. Goldstein,” he would divide the money up,” said the victim.

The elderly woman says she withdrew more than $11,000 from a nearby Wells Fargo bank and gave it to “Gayle.” “Gayle” then told her she would head to another bank with the cash and soon return. She never came back however.

Angry and embarrassed, the victim says she didn’t tell anyone about what happened for months.

“I thought, ‘oh my God, I’ve been scammed!’” she said. “Why was I so stupid? Why did I listen to her?”

The woman says the scheme has left her in deep debt and that Visa has been asking her for monthly payments. She now says she hopes what happened to her can serve as a lesson to others.

“I just want them to know that they have to watch and be careful,” she said. “Don’t let them talk you into something, especially giving them money to get money.”

Either this is a real life Nigerian scam carried out in real life, or she’s leaving out some details.  The skeptic in me might say that maybe it didn’t happen and she’s using this as a ploy to get people to donate money to cover her bills or to cover up a compulsive shopping habit.  I’ve read that compulsive shoppers will come up with crafty ways to cover their spending.  I feel sorry for her if she got scammed but you can’t always believe everything you read either.

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